IOT Training On Embedded

IOT Training On Embedded

IOT Training On Embedded


INDIAN SERVICE MACHINE (Abbreviated as ISM) is the company name that our founder felt appropriate, following the lines of IBM (International Business Machine), ambitiously to grow to the level. ISM was established in the year 1994 as a small scale industry to assemble and resale PC’s and service PC’s , immediately diversified to offer trainings based on PC Technologies. Started offering courses such as Hardware Maintenance, Network Administration, and Certification courses such as MCSE, CCNA and Linux.

As we gained experience in Training we completely closed the PC resale vertical, and concentrated on training and consultancy.

ISM has conducted training programs for students and Corporate Clients on technologies such as Hardware Maintenance, Network Administration, Certification courses such as CAN, MCSE, CCNA, J2EE, .Net, Embedded Systems, Wireless Technology, DSP, VLSI.

Over the period we felt native training clients on Embedded Systems, having identified our strength in Embedded System design and development; we acquired expertise on this domain and collaborated with Embedded industry to offer an industry relevant Embedded Systems training programs.

Today we do not feel shy to say we are the largest Embedded training company in the country and one of the leading HR consultants, by merely considering the number of Embedded engineers we trained over last seven years and the investments that we have done on creating the state of art Embedded labs, to compare, our statistics say that our nearest competitors trains only 20% of what we train.

Since our Embedded training business over the years was very encouraging, we decided to launch our Embedded consultations to our corporate clients and started designing our own products; today we service seven embedded blue chip companies in the country and overseas.

Today ISM has seven different embedded products and Services twelve clients by providing consultancies and out sourcing our Embedded expertise. ISM has recently bagged an R&D project from a prestigious client for the next three years.
That being our evolution we are totally committed to what we do, we sincerely adhere to the quality and have a standalone system to evaluate our quality.
ISM has grown on team size over the years, today the team size is 150 plus. The team is well toned and understands our business goals and strives to meet their respective goals and deadlines


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